February 9, 2009

And it begins...

At long last, I have decided to jump into the blogosphere with both feet and start my own blog. I have decided to try blogging in a specific format - I will pick a topic and then attempt to answer 37 questions about the subject. Why 37? That's for me to know and you (perhaps) to find out. Once all 37 have been completed, I (or maybe you!) will pick the next topic. Hopefully I will give you some reviews of products related to the topic, and maybe a giveaway here or there.

My first topics will be ones that I know something about, just to get me started. Yes, it is kind of cheating, but hey, I won't tell if you don't! To give you an idea of who I am and what I do, I'm going to start with 37 questions about myself. If you have a question you're dying to ask, post a comment. Perhaps you'll see your question answered in my next post.


Giulianna @ Family Blueprint said...

I actually enjoyed reading this and found you quite amusing and enjoyable.

Good luck with your blog!!!

Blessings to you!

37 Questions said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Julianne. Hopefully you will find future installments both entertaining and informative. I look forward to exploring your blog this weekend!