March 17, 2009

And the winner is...

After removing non-conforming entries (there were only four, you all did great!), Rng annonced number 116 as the winner.

purango said...

I prefer drip beans (Vita).

Big congrats to purango! Check your AOL email, I've sent you a message.

To everyone else - don't despair! We will have another giveaway for our next topic - now we just have to get to the next topic! And on that front, here are a few more questions about Seattle for you...

10. What about people who live in Seattle?

What about them?

11. You know what I mean. When they aren't taking their visiting friends exciting places, what kind of things might you find them doing?

Well, I suppose we do whatever the rest of humanity does as far as generalities go, so I'll assume you mean recreational activities. Do you want to hear about rainy-day activities first?

12. Sure, hit me with some of those.

We are big readers in Seattle. We have been voted the nation's most literate city in the past, and we are currently tied with Minneapolis, our arch rival for the title. Seattle Public libraries saw approximately 13 million visitors in 2008. We have a number of good venues in which to hear visiting authors speak about their works. We have an okay art museum, a great Asian art museum, a wonderful Science Center, and the Seattle Museum of Mysteries. There are enough restaurants and bars to keep anyone full and drunk, if that's your rainy-day thing. Also, rainy days are some of the best days at our local waterfront parks - the weather is brisk, intense, and beautiful, especially when viewed from the shore.


LissaL said...

The Seattle Museum of Mysteries sounds pretty cool and at a great admission price too. Also congrats to purango, hope you like the coffee:)

37 Questions said...

I have not made it to the Museum of Mysteries, but I'm dying to check it out. The lock-in sounds like a fun adventure. Friends that have been say it's a hoot, so I just have to lose the kids for an afternoon and head over. Either that or take the whole family - DH finds D.B Cooper very interesting.