July 5, 2013

How I rose from the dead...

Well, Dear Reader, I'm afraid I died a few years ago from a zombie bite, after which I rose from the dead and started feasting on human brains. It has been an interesting time, what with the moaning, slow walking, and trying not to have my head cut off (difficult when you can only lurch slowly around, but I've got mad zombie skills.).  Now that we've arrived here in 2013, I have regrown part of my brain and am able to come back to write again. Just don't come over to my place - I still haven't kicked the human brain habit.

Before I was bitten, I was in the middle of answering 37 questions about Seattle. I completely forgot what or where Seattle was, but the memories are flowing back. 25 questions left to go, and trust me, there are some super ones to come. 

Have any specific questions about Seattle that you want - nay, need - answered? Leave a comment and I will do my best to imbibe you with the vast knowledge I have of everything.  Have kids?  One question to be answered in the next post might just have something to do with great kid spots in the greater Seattle area. You'll have to tune in to find out, Dear Reader.

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